Do You Remember the 80s?

Oh come on, doesn't everyone unless you are a fetus. Plenty of sites for that already, I may ramble about this if I have time. I'll tell you this though, the New Musical Express did a big whinny article in the late 80's about how the music would never stand the test of time like the 60's and 70's. Yeah, right. Don't they look clever now...

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When VCR's became affordable, suddenly every shop, no matter what their original trade, became a video rental shop. The one I used was Brislington Ladder Hire & Video which went through the whole cycle of Ladders only, more videos than Ladders, then back to Ladders only again when the chain stores started consolidating and the Blockbusters took over. The best thing about videos of course was the ability to make great use of the  pause button in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. All those quick flashes in the Carry On films and the like were now able to be fully appreciated. Smut has a way of driving technology and the VCR wiped out all the Private Cinema's that used to cater for the Macintosh crowds. We used to have Video nights with our mates, beer, curry and Airplane or American Werewolf in London, Jenny Agutters shower scene being well worn down by pausing on every rental in existence.


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